Cadjin's Unified Customer Experience Management (CXM) provides best in class experience to your Audiences.

Transform your business through Unified- CXM

Cadjin helps you reach your customers globally to deliver compelling experiences at scale. Showcase your videos and branding, Connect with others, do marketing, increase sales, and Business advertisements with Cadjin.

  • We Deliver a high-quality experience regardless of viewer device or location.

    Reliably broadcast to tens of thousands of people simultaneously — without compromising performance.

    Scale without limits with cloud-native architecture as business needs evolve.

  • Seamlessly integrate or embed video experiences with enterprise collaboration tools already in use.

    From pre-built, seamless integrations to open APIs, Cadjin offers flexible integration options to help eliminate mt-2 busywork.

    Scale without limits with cloud-native architecture as business needs evolve.

  • Deliver security at enterprise scale including SOC 2 and GDPR compliance.

    Encrypt and protect all video content — in both “at rest” and “in transit” phases.

    Cadjin runs on Amazon Web Services, the world's leading cloud infrastructure provider, to ensure the highest levels of availability, security, and scalability.

  • Overcome network bottlenecks through flexible, decentralized options

    Optimize existing network investments with our robust architecture that maximizes the user experience.

    Cadjin provides built-in enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) on the market to provide exceptional video experiences.

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More Than Just Video Hosting

Cadjin is robustly designed which can be Infinitely Scalable for a Hybrid Workforce.

  • Easily access and share video content in seconds with AI-powered search and tagging

    Set up channels, categories, and playlists to make it easy to curate digital content based on department or topics.

    Robust access control and user permissions.

  • Easily create profile and tag actors, directors, players, individuals related to a video.

    Add various languages and subtitles to a video.

    Industry standard features like audience review, comments, showcase the trailer, add to favorites and watchlist, watch from where you left and many more.

  • Engagement trends for both live video events and video on demand to see how viewers are engaging with content.

    Understand viewing time, drop-off, and completion rates

    Better understand your audiences to enhance their experiences, deliver greater value, and maximize ROI.