Build the most engaging OTT Platform.

Vmass empowers you to build a white labelled multi device OTT video & audio streaming platform along with monetization, CDM, DRM and many more features.

Cadjin OTT Platform

Customising your OTT platform experience with ease and efficiency

With VMass Experience Builder you can select the look and theme of your streaming platform from a number of options. It provides you with a lot of unique and industry standard components which you can add, remove or rearrange in your platform. Change the color and text of your store at any time. Give your audience not only fresh contents but also a fresh appearance.

Customisable Website Templates

Supports Hybrid Monetization Model

Build a profitable business and maximize your revenue with a suite of solutions suitable for varying content types and audiences. Our suite of solutions maximize opportunities for content monetization and revenue diversification. From e-commerce solutions to brand sponsorship or advertising capabilities, we offer a range of revenue streams to grow your business.

Hybrid Monetization Model

Our end-to-end video workflow ensures your content reaches viewers without interruption.

You provide the content; we'll do the rest. As the industry leader in broadcasting at scale, we understand that having a consistently reliable streaming solution is the foundation for success.

Video Streaming Process

Engage where it matters most

VMass OTT Builder provides you a wide range of functionalities so that you can enhance the streaming experience

  • VMass control panel (CMS) is a secure hub that enables easy, self-service management of your content, your customers, and their data. It's designed to be powerful, yet simple to use.

  • Enrich your content with customized metadata details across any business or creative function.

  • Empower your content and operations team with tools to create a smooth and personalized viewing experience across multiple platforms.

  • Our AI algorithms recommend and show results based on browsing habits, preferences, products or contents browsed, and browsing history.

  • Configure your global contents to be tailored to a user's specific region to reflect localized viewing, payment and language options.

OTT Builder Functionalities
Advanced Revenue Models

Generate more revenue.

Start generating real business opportunities with Cadjin's deep industry expertise.

  • Partner with full-service editorial content partners seamlessly across digital, film and print. We enable brands to future-proof their in-house marketing set-up and scale-up content output to help them succeed in the digital world.

  • Improve your sales using affiliate programs. Cadjin's CMS programs are built on platforms that boast tracking technology to keep track of the affiliates.

  • Our analytics tools translate complex metrics into clear and compelling graphs and visualizations so you can effortlessly track key performance indicators, spot content trends, and make data-informed decisions to grow your business.