Unified Cloud Workflow for TV

TellyWise, a product of Cadjin, is an advertising-based IPTV streaming(24/7) service that is fully equipped with content preparation, channel scheduling and distribution workflow as well as monetization and analytics options

Time to start streaming big?

Enables content owners to quickly launch their own FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels for distribution and monetization.

Engage where it matters most

Drag and Drop scheduling of live or on-demand videos into linear streams for distribution across multiple digital platforms at scale

  • Tellywise offers a simple drag and drop interface to create playlist, series, schedule ad breaks etc. with ease.

  • Publish a continuous 24/7 linear channel on the fly for a special event. Distribute your content across multiple channels and platforms with a single click.

  • Monitor your ad-supported or virtual channels with real time analytics and interactive graphs. Track and compare target metrics against industry standard KPIs.

How to ace targeted TV Advertising ?

“Reach a large targeted audience effectively and capture viewers to convey your brand's message. Cadjin helps establish a connection with your audience and boost brand recognition”

Find your right match

With demands coming from advertisers, service providers and broadcasters, make sure to choose solution that support all business modules.

Use the power of data

Protect viewers' data in compliance with GDPR and by enforcing secured data transmission. Put your data in our AI-based Data Analytics and Insights.

Adopt programmatic buying

Adopt a TV-centric advertising platform. Aggregate your inventory to fit advertisers' needs. Nurture partnership with leading advertisers. Empower local advertising. Set personalized campaign parameters and ad display modules.

Optimize all around

Track, analyze and constantly optimize performance to ultimately grow your business.

Distribute your channel on maximum screens with Cadjin's IPTV playout solutions

TellyWise IPTV playout provides you a wide range of functionalities to launch FAST TV channels

  • Stream across multiple screens (TV, Mobile, Web etc.) with personalized branding and styling. Ability to customize your end user experience based on audience segmentation.

  • Take control of your advertising results through our integrated monetization offerings with audience segmentation and geo blocking capabilities.

A complete linear studio solution to create fast channels with ease and reliability in the cloud

Tellywise makes it easy to create, manage, schedule and distribute content so that you can focus on creating channels that inspire, educate, and entertain your audience.